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I'm Priscilla! As a passionate and enthusiastic Montreal-born chef, I love exploring the vibrant food culture around me. As a kid, two of the most influential and inspiring figures in my life were my amazing grandmothers who taught me the wonders of cooking. Since then, I've been on an everlasting journey to learn more about regional delicacies, fresh ingredients from local farmers markets, and traditional recipes. Exploring different techniques and cultural cuisines has not only made me a better chef, but also a more creative one too.

My professional experience includes working at restaurants, menu consulting, recipe development and as a cooking instructor for the last six years. I'm now living my dream of cooking great food whilst connecting with wonderful people like yourself in beautiful Palermo, Sicily!

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My Story

How did a Canadian end up living in Sicily anyway?

Get ready for a whirlwind story my friend! It all started in summer 2022, when I embarked on an unforgettable five-month travel sabbatical, beginning and ending in Sicily - with three countries in between. Little did I know that this experience would change my life forever. Out of all the places I travelled to, Sicily was always my number one. I fell in love with the stunning beauty and culture and after a two month trial run in Palermo, I made the daring decision to pack up everything in Canada. Fast forward to summer 2023, where I officially became a local in this incredible city and started living my dream life.

Every day in Sicily is a new adventure. I love exploring the lively street markets and indulging in mouthwatering local dishes. The charm of this place never ceases to amaze me. In fact, I am so inspired by Sicily that I have made it my mission to share its wonders with others. And when I'm not busy sharing Sicily's magic, you'll find me on its breathtaking beaches, soaking up the enchantment of the fiery sunsets. It's fair to say that Sicily has completely stolen my heart and soul.

If you are planning to visit, get ready to be captivated by the beauty and allure of this island. It would be my pleasure to share with you some the best food and wine culture Sicily is so renowned for. Join me on this journey and let Sicily steal your heart too.

P.S. you can enjoy a taste of Sicily straight from your kitchen with my new recipe eBook A Seat At My Sicilian Table

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