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I remember helping my mom make whipped cream for her famous Black Forest Cake with Redpath icing sugar like it was yesterday. I must of been around 4 yrs old because I needed to stand on a stool to reach over the counter. 20 years later, the first recipe I made with my new red KitchenAid mixer was brownies. That also happens to be when I lerned that granulated & brown sugar are not the same thing and adding granulated sugar in lieu of brown in a recipe is not always the way to go! Redpath has been a big part of my journey into becoming a home baker & teacher, so I definitely had to pinch myself a few times when I was eventually chosen to become their official baking teacher on The Redpath Baking School series. Two seasons, a string of LIVE baking classes and many sweet treats later, I am so proud to be working with a Canadian brand who brings people together in such a sweet way!

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