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Introductions: Welcome to CookEatLiveHappy!

Hi guys, I'm Priscila and I'm a recipe developer & cooking teacher from Montreal, Canada. Blogging is something new for me, tbh this is my first post! So I thought I'd start off by welcoming you to my little spot on the internet and share a few reasons why I'm here. My kitchen story started as a freckle faced little girl, learning to make delicious food while respecting the ingredients and the earth they came from. My amazing teachers were my grandmothers and I am forever thankful for the time we shared laughing, cooking and enjoying what we made together. Those childhood memories have become so precious to me and although I only realized it later, learning to adapt recipes helped me to develop my creative nature, and the many kitchen failures taught me to be perseverant. This has shaped me as a person and has taught me to value myself and those around me!

Fast forward a couple decades, a son... a divorce... and a long career in the corporate world, I had lost my sense of purpose and knew it was time to make a change! But where to start?

Priscila's Kitchen started off as a creative outlet for me to express my love for creating delicious recipes, and with much love & support from my awesome community, it eventually turned into my platform for teaching about ingredients and something I call intuitive cooking. For two years teaching in a 1:1 and group settings was what fuelled my fire!! Then life shifted for everyone in 2020 and it was again time to get creative, persevere... and make some changes. Welcome COOK.EAT.LIVE.HAPPY, a new online learning hub and my creative outlet!


I really believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home and the lifeline to staying happy. My philosophy is based around learning to cook more intuitively, staying inspired by the ingredients and trying to make mindful choices for the kitchen & home. Each step (great or small) towards aligning those actions makes the heart HAPPY, I promise!

Along with online classes to help you learn and a recipe subscription to keep you inspired and motivated, this blog will be my space to share things that matter to me, or that have added value to my life... in & out of the kitchen. I'd love to open up a bit more than what I felt comfortable with on Instagram or Facebook so this is my space to just be me! That said, I would also like this to be a place where YOU can share your experiences and opinions too...


So please feel free to leave me a comment with a little bit about yourself so we can get to know each other :)... and here's to making CookEatLiveHappy a place of sharing, togetherness & kindness!


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