Ingredient Tip: 5 Pantry Must-Haves for Making the Best Mexican Food!

Rich & spicy flavours of Mexican cuisine are some of my earliest food memories. When I was five, I travelled to Mexico with my family and remember being blown away with the tasty food, colourful dresses and beautiful hand etched leather purses. That trip, we brought home more than wonderful souvenirs, I came home with a love for Mexican cuisine! That might be why i get so excited when Cinco de Mayo rolls around, its the perfect excuse to cook a Mexican feast.

While the Mexican cuisine we know in Canada isn’t overly complicated, authentic Mexican cuisine has beautifully complex flavours. Knowing how to dose the spice of the many chillies, the acidity from citrus and the sweet earthiness of the maze (corn) is something I’ve endevoured to master over the years with lots of practice and trial & error.

You don’t need to be a master chef to make good mMexican food, but you will need to have a few pantry staples. Here are a few I suggest to have on hand!