Food Facts: Something's Fishy about your fish!

I love fresh seafood but with so many conflicting opinions out there, are you also left wondering about how socially responsible it is to consume fish these days?

While seafood can be an acquired taste, or even a luxury for us main landers, many of us have been hearing about the issue of our oceans being over fished, polluted and even dying in some parts of the globe. So is it still safe to eat from the sea? Should we continue to buy it? And if so, which ones, from where and how often?

I like to consider these four points before putting seafood on the menu;


In all my research, it really boils down to knowing where your fish comes from. While some species are on an endangered list in certain parts of the world, in other parts the population is thriving. With regards to our own health, knowing if the fish comes from heavily polluted waters is important too. We are what we eat after all!


Is it fished or farmed? While there are now laws in place to help avoid overfishing, not all fishing methods are the same. Avoid species that are caught by drifting longlines, as many other aquatic animals get caught in them and die. There are more sustainable methods being practiced, its just a matter of knowing! As for farmed fish, not all are equal either. Many marine farmed species actually create high amounts of water pollution, ultimately negatively impacting our oceans further, not to mention our health too! If learning more about this subject interests you, I really ienjoyed this blog article by the FishingBooker.