Fresh Kitchen Tip: why removing fragrances will help you become a better cook!

Delicious aromas in the kitchen can awaken memories, evoke feelings of happiness and even be a source of joy for the whole family! Its literally impossible to be in a bad mood when something yummy is baking or simmering away, don’t you agree? Did you know that scent is also an important part of the cooking process? All of our senses are employed when we cook but our sense of smell allows us to determine how fresh the ingredients are, how to pair flavours, and is the first indicator that your recipe will taste good! However, something in your kitchen might be affecting your sense of smell without your knowing it.

Over the last few decades we’ve been programmed to associate certain fragrances as fresh and clean, when the truth is those scents were added to hide the harsh smells from the chemicals used in these products. So really what you are smelling isn’t clean counters, dishes, or clothes, its actually perfume and that can affect your senses, including smell and taste!

If you are having doubts, just picture your freshly cleaned kitchen. You cleaned the counters with a powerful disinfectant, then you washed the dishes with that lemony dish soap, and finally dried them with a freshly cleaned dish towel. At least three different products each with their own distinct scent have left fragrance residues which are specifically designed to remain long after you’re done using them.