Community Feature: Women I'd like you to meet!

Happy International Women’s Day loves!!! Here’s to a celebrating the strength we as women innately possess, the love that makes us great nurturers and caregivers and the wisdom that we share from generation to generation.

As a boy mom, I always thought I was raising my son to be a feminist. Respectful, kind and appreciative of the opposite sex. Isn't he cute :) This photo was taken a couple of years ago when we were visiting my grandma in Gaspésie.

Well, this morning he threw me a curve ball when he asked me why there wasn’t an Intentional Men’s Day… gulp!

I was stunned! Did none of what I taught him sink in?? So I asked him if he thought ALL women were free to work, open a bank account, vote, buy a home or even if the law protected them from abuse? “Well yeah mom, we don’t live in the stone ages anymore” is what he replied.

My heart sank. I realized that my work around educating him on this subject wasn’t over. Yes, while in many countries women’s rights have grown tenfold in the last 4 generations, this isn’t the case everywhere. And so as we continue to rally for change, this holiday is really about celebrating the many feminist achievements thus far and call to action to continue making progress, for ALL women!

So needless to say, I will definitely spend more time vocalizing my feminist views and educating my son to be more aware of the role he can play in empowering the opposite sex.