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Happy Earth Day loves! Are you taking part in this world wide initiative today? In case this is the first you are hearing of it, Earth Day happens every year on April 22nd for the last 51 years, and is dedicated to demonstrating support for environmental protection! Over a billion people from all across the globe come together to celebrate Earth Day, serving as a conscious reminder of how fragile our planet is and how important it is to protect it.

The first Earth Day I remember celebrating was in elementary school. The school organized an initiative where the students picked up loose trash from around the neighbourhood. We also recycled all our juice boxes for the entire year and had a bench made from those recycled materials. I was completely fascinated that what was once a juice container had become something else entirely. Recycling was so cool!

I’m pretty sure thats when i got into recycling lol. Well that and also living near a landfill. I remember asking my parents, why we piled our trash as tall as mountains and what happened to it once it was there? They told me some of it would decompose, some might get recycled and then what was left would be covered with earth and homes would be built on top one day. I thought it was strange that people would live on our garbage and immediately pictured that scene from The Labyrinth where Jennifer Connelly's character falls into the trash, meets the junk lady and needs too climb out of all that junk to save her baby brother.


I wondered if we lived on other peoples junk too?!? WAS THE JUNK EVERYWHERE?!?!