Food Facts: Everything You Need to Know About ASPARAGUS!

Growing up in the country side, we had a pretty extensive garden every year. Asparagus was not on the list of veggies we tended, simply because we had wild ones growing in the woods behind our house, along with fiddleheads and mushrooms. Every spring we would forage for wild asparagus during those short couple of weeks that they’d be there and use them that very night. It’s not until i started doing my own groceries that I wondered why the asparagus tasted strong, was stringy, fibrous and hard to chew. That wasn’t the asparagus I grew up eating!! So, curiosity got the better of me and I started doing some research. Here’s every thing I think you should know about asparagus :)

The reason asparagus grows in the wild is because its actually a perennial plant, we harvest the spears of that plant and call it a vegetable. An asparagus plant needs very wet soil to produce spears and a new plant can take up to two years before producing any at all. The spears rise up through the soil every spring and need to be cut or snapped off while they are young however only a certain amount can be harvested in order the keep the plant healthy and strong. The plant continues to grow and flower (up to 5 feet tall), releasing seeds that fall to the ground and sprout new roots the following year. A single plant can continue to produce for up to 25 years, as long as it has plenty of water and isn’t over harvested. Pretty cool eh!