Meet Priscila

Hi there, my name is Priscila Stuart and I am a cooking teacher & recipe developer from Montreal, Canada. My culinary education began in my grandmothers’ kitchens before I was old enough to go to school. While studying and working in visual communications for over a decade, I honed my passion for food, entertaining & teaching at every chance I could find. In fact most of my weekends were spent teaching friends how to cook and  also experimenting with ingredients to create delicious recipes. In late 2017, I left my corporate career to launch “Priscila’s Kitchen” a small home based teaching business. Shortly there after, I became the official baking teacher and spokesperson of The Redpath Baking School  web series, where I taught groups of amateur bakers how to personalize classic recipes and master baking techniques. 2018 also allowed me to dabble in blogging as a guest contributor for several renowned blogs like Stokes Stores, GlobalGlow & Étymologie.


2021 marks an exciting new chapter as I expand to the online world. Welcome to my new platform for learning, sharing and making the kitchen a happy place! 


It boils down to three actions that lead to an amazing outcome!

build kitchen confidence




learn about ingredients 




choose mindfully

heart & home


 I believe intuitive cooking is the best way to learn and build confidence. It gives you the freedom to experiment with ingredients without feeling tied to a specific recipe list. It allows you to evolve your skills through learning about what you eat and the role each ingredient plays in a recipe. Choosing to take time for yourself, connect with others, learn new things and make more mindfull choices, is my recipe for a happy heart & home!