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meet the gal behind it all

Hey there, fellow food lover! I'm Priscila Stuart, the redheaded chef you might have spotted on IGTV or Youtube. But more importantly, I'm the founder here at Cook Eat Live Happy (CELH). So, what is CELH all about? Well, it started as my personal happy place many years ago. After a stressful day at my corporate job, cooking became my therapy. I began experimenting with meals and stopped using recipes altogether. Yeah, I guess I’m a bit of a rebel in the kitchen.


My love for cooking began with my grandmothers. One taught me the magic of herbs and holistic nutrition, while the other introduced me to soul food. My first job was in a restaurant kitchen, but I ended up pursuing my dream of becoming an advertising exec after graduation. Although I worked at some amazing companies during my 15-year corporate stint, cooking and baking remained my favourite creative outlets! My son was usually the lucky beneficiary of my culinary experiments, but my neighbours and coworkers also got to taste my creations. Eventually, I became known as the ultimate foodie within my circles. 

Fast forward to 2017, I finally embraced my true calling and left my corporate job to launch Priscila's Kitchen, a small home-based cooking school. That later led me to becoming the official baking teacher of The Redpath Baking School and then I even dabbled in guest blogging for some Canadian foodie favourites. But when the pandemic hit, I realized cooking should be fun and easy for everyone, it was after all a necessity! And so, came to life - an online space for inspiration, education, and community building among all foodies. Come join me and let's cook, eat, and live happy together!

the CELH philosophy












Taking time to learn, connect, and make mindful decisions is my secret ingredient for a life that's truly happy! From exploring new recipes in the kitchen to learning more about our community, any investment we make into ourselves is always immensely rewarding.

- Priscila

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