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It was a friendly SAQ employee that first introduced me to this family owned brand. I was shopping for a local product I could serve to my guests and he  suggested I give MVODKA a try. What a clean & smooth product, I was totally blown away with the quality so I shared a simple recipe on Instagram for my friends to try as well. Shortly there after I met with Maureen & Andrew and I just loved hesring their story and passion for following their dreams. They even managed to convert me into a Gin gal and well the rest is history! I've had the pleasure of concocting several drinks featuring their products and even joined them at La Grande Dégustation in Montreal to feature their Barrel-Aged Gin in my Truly Canandian Cocktail recipe in 2018. You can also catch Maureen & I shake things up with their latest Gin label and make a simple recipe on episode 7 of CELH on IGTV. We always have fun so you can definitely count on enjoying more content and recipes regularly!

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