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Discover our latest personalized services designed to transform your home into a happier and more functional space.

Kitchen Organization

Transform your kitchen into the organized haven it was meant to be! By making simple changes like optimizing space, creating functional storage and properly inventorying your pantry, it'll not only make cooking more enjoyable - you'll even save some time and money in the process. Let me help turn that chaotic countertop into a happy place!

Kitchen organizations generally take between 3 to 6 hrs to complete and pricing starts at $425 which includes a 20 minute video call to assess your needs. The base fee does not include the purchase of storage containers or new tools, unless otherwise specified. Online consults are also available here

Kitchen Interior
Woman Cooking in Kitchen

Private Cooking Classes

If you have ever wanted to take your culinary skills up a notch, there's no better place than the comfort of your own home. I'm here to help - with lessons tailored just for you, we'll make sure that whatever goals and experience level you bring are catered perfectly! Let’s get cooking together!


Private Online Classes are $120 CAN / hour and can be booked as a single class or as a monthly package (1 per week) at $350 CAN.  Learn more here.

Custom Meal Plans

Make meal planning a breeze with custom plans tailored just for you. We'll make sure to account for your dietary concerns, help reduce food waste, make preparing lunch portions simple and a weekly shopping list to save time on grocery trips! Plus, enjoy monthly support calls so that all the pieces fit together like clockwork.


Your custom meal plan is updated weekly with the introduction of delicious new recipes. Subscriptions are for a 3 month period. See details here

Food Photography

Home Staging

Is your living space feeling stale? Let me help you bring it back to life! With 15+ years of experience in design, I can guide you through optimizing the layout, decluttering and finding just the right decorative touch. And the best part, you don't have to buy new furniture - let's see how much we can update with what already exists!

Staging generally takes between 2 to 4 hrs per room and pricing starts at $325 which includes a 20 minute video call to better understand your needs. 

Check out these before & afters!


Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC.

We moved into our new home last year and our front living room never felt inviting, in fact we  avoided spending time there. We hired Priscila to do one of her famous Space Lifts because all our furniture was new and we really didn't want to have to buy new stuff. WOW! are we ever happy with the results. Within 2 hours she completely transformed the space into a much more inviting place . Its  cohesive and warm, exactly what we wanted. The best part, we didn't buy new items, she used what we already had. Highly recommend!!!

, QC.

Our family hired Priscila to help us with a full Kitchen Organization and meal planning. Even though our Kitchen is quite large with lots of storage options, we never felt like the space was optimized or very practical. She was able to assess what worked for us and then made all the changes within a few hours. When she was done, it immediately felt intuitive and harmonious. We especially love how easy it is to do groceries and keep the pantry stocked. Cooking is effortless and so much more fun to do as a family now. Thanks Priscila!

, QC.

After my divorce, I realized I needed help in the kitchen. I hired Priscila for 3  home cooking classes and to help organize my kitchen. She was patient and showed me simple recipes that were easy for me to follow. I wouldn't of guessed that organizing my kitchen would have such a positive impact on my life but it has! It especially makes it easier to get started since I can clearly see what is in the pantry and where my tools are. I am so happy that I can enjoy home cooked meals with my kids now! Five stars for Priscila!

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